The first Likiliike members in Sodankylä

The first Likiliike Sodankylä certificates were issued to the founding members on October 25, 2019 at a meeting at Hotel Sodankylä.

The “I am a local “certification is recognition of the quality of domestic, local production and Lappish community spirit. It also says that the ownership base of the company in question is more than 50% in Sodankylä.

By purchasing a product or service from a member of Likiliike, you ensure that the money remains within  Sodankylä’s regional economy. You can identify companies by the purple Likiliike logo. Follow companies on Social Media too!

The first to receive their certificate were:

  1. Kello- ja Korukamari
  2. Jokkerin Hiihtomesta
  3. Jokapaikan Höylät
  4. Piitsi Pubi
  5. K-Supermarket Pohjantähti
  6. K-Market Sodankylä
  7. Euronics Sodankylä 
  8. Riipi Puukko ky
  9. Urheilu Harjus

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