Business owners

If your company, service or business is genuinely from Sodankylä, you can apply for a Likiliike certificate. The certificate is issued to companies, associations, events and other actors that meet the Likiliike criteria and offer their trade or other services in Sodankylä.

The Likiliike certificate guarantees entrepreneurs visible recognition of their locality. By purchasing the certificate, you get the full rights to use the registered trademark in marketing. At the same time, the sign acts as a business location identifier. The price of the certificate includes a presentation of your company on Likiliike’s Facebook pages and Likiliike’s website.


Does it matter to you that money moves in your local area?  Do you believe that supporting local business also supports local well-being?


As a member of Likiliike, you get involved in a growing network of local entrepreneurs that will improve your well-being as an entrepreneur as well as your company’s business.

Likiliike also guarantees companies considerable visibility at Likiliike events, communication materials and event materials. After purchasing the certificate, you are automatically involved in the annual events of Likiliike.

The Likiliike certificate tells consumers and tourists about sensible and local choices. We want to build a solid entrepreneurial community around those who share the same viewpoint about locality and entrepreneurship.