For Likiliike members

Events for Likiliike members

Lilikiike companies organise several different events during the year for both their members and customers. By participating in the events, you will find new customers and partners, as well as being involved in developing the Likiliike organisation. You are not required to attend all events, but the more you attend, the more you will get out of your Likiliike membership.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is an event for members, where the activity report and financial summary of the previous period are reviewed, and the guidelines and budget for the coming period are presented, among other things. The AGM is held in October.

Do you have an event in mind that Likiliike could be involved in? Tell us your ideas!

Likiliike Sodankylä ry

The management team consists of Likiliike companies from Sodankylä, which coordinate Likiliike’s activities, events and campaigns.

Likiliike Sodankylä ry executive committee 2024

Chair of board: Maria Heikkilä, Ravintola Punakettu

Vice Chair of board: Tuovi Simula, Kirjakauppa Pukstaavi

Coordinator & secretary of the Likiliike Team: Sofia Karimäki, Solantis

Jari Hakkarainen, JokapaikanHöylät

Tiina Vaarala, mama’Spa

Ulla Siirtola, Lapin Pesupalvelu

Jussi Rantamo, Tähtikuitu Oy

Antti Penttinen, K-Market Sodankylä

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