Likiliike Väärti members



A Likiliike Väärti is the best partner. The Likiliike Väärti title is intended for partners in the Likiliike business network who want to contribute to the promotion of local industry and vitality, and to enrich local well-being.

A Likiliike Väärti member values locality and is a reputable player in its field. Väärti status is granted on an exclusive basis for a specific industry.

The Väärti companies of Sodankylä Likiliike in 2022:

AA Sakatti Mining Oy  

AA Sakatti Mining Oy is a Finnish subsidiary of the international Anglo American Plc, headquartered in Sodankylä. The company was founded in 2011.

AA Sakatti Mining Oy conducts regional mineral exploration in our licensed areas in the municipalities of Sodankylä, Kittilä, Salla and Savukoski. The company’s main project, Sakatti, focuses on the study of the Viiankiaapa bedrock multi-metal deposit. The Sakatti deposit is located 15 kilometers north of Sodankylä, partly in the Viiankiaava mire conservation and Natura 2000 area.

Our strong value base guides all operations of AA Sakatti Mining Oy, and responsibility, safety and respect are the cornerstones of our operations. Our goal is to sustainably develop mining activities, in order to secure the opportunities for human life in the future as well. We highly value local know-how. Our appreciation is reflected as part of our day-to-day operations and choices. When making purchases, we always turn primarily to local service providers.

Sompio Magazine

Sompio Magazine is a local magazine in Sodankylä area. Company starts up in 1978 and its most famous magazine in the area Sodankylä. Sompio magazine is also place to market for local people and for the companies.
Company is politically nonaligned.

Company is focused also to digital services to continue work for new generation.

Sompio is part of national company Hilla Group Oyj.