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The Likiliike symbol is used to identify local companies
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Be part of a local-friendly movement
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For a vibrant Sodankylä economy
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The Likiliike emblem guarantees that companies are definitely from Sodankylä

By favouring local shops, you ensure that they remain in our village in the future. 

With the right choices, we can retain a healthy mix of services close by for all of us to use.

Local matters to me! Does it matter to you?

Companies involved in the Likiliike must be at least 50% locally owned, and the head office needs to be in Sodankylä. Likiliike companies are registered with the Finnish Trade Register and relevant tax authorities, they have taken care of all official responsibilities. 


Where can I find Likiliike businesses?

Find out about Likiliike companies in Sodankylä.  Every certified Likiliike business is locally owned. 

Buy Online

Buy a Likiliike giftcard from our online store.  Giftcard is available 20€, 50€ and 100€ amount. It can be used as payment in all Sodankylä Likiliike shops. 

Are you a local entrepreneur?

Become a proud member of Sodankylä Likiliike.



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