Tapio Puukko (traditional knife)


Tapio puukko (traditional knife)

Manufacturer: Riipi Puukko

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This knife, which epitomises the essence of Lapland, is named after Tapio, the Finnish forest spirit. According to ancient belief, hunters prayed to him before a hunt, especially if it was going to be dangerous. Tapio was asked for protection and hunting luck because he was ruler of the forest and game animals.


  • Blade length: 95 mm
  • Total length: 210 mm
  • Blade material:  Toivo Jaaranen’s hand-forged carbon steel
  • Handle material: bone, birch bark, stripe root bean, brass
  • Sheath material: Brown leather


The carbon blade is suitable for hunting and leisure use. The blade is easy to sharpen, but requires careful use to prevent the blade from rusting. So dry your knife well after use.


  • Matkahuolto (Finland), delivery time 3-4 weeks, cost 4,90 €.
  • Free pick up from Neste Mokko or Riipi Puukko’s workshop in Sodankylä