We mainly do various cleanings and assistant’s work, but we have also helped with yard work and other things if necessary. We have not yet received a work order that we would have had to refuse due to the quality of the work. Although we are a company in the cleaning industry, we always strive to help customers according to their needs.

We are a very customer-oriented company. We don’t have a specific formula for cleaning, but we always take the customer’s wishes and needs into account. In the house in the ways of the house 🙂

Through us, it is also possible to get services as a social care service. If the conditions are met, the customer is not charged VAT, and the share of the work is still eligible for household deduction.

We are a 100% local company from Sodankylä!
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Linja-autoasema Sodankylä, Sodankyläntie, Sodankylä

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