Hello! I am Jukka Haavisto, Veikon Kone’s owner. I have been worked as a salesman and shop owner for 35 years.  It is my passion to satisfy the customer’s needs and my goal to exceed the customer’s expectations. It’s great to sell a product that a customer needs, but by far the best thing is to go beyond the customer’s expectations.

The best thank you for succeeding at work is that there is a happy person on both sides of the counter. I was able to sell better products that the customer had come to buy and the customer gets more satisfaction from the machine or device that they bought.

Good staff are key to achieve my mission, and further increase the sense of well-being at work.

Locality, on the other hand, brings a sense of mutual trust and immediacy to trade, which gives great satisfaction.

In dealing with defective machine complaints, a local shop is at its best. Problems are solved much easier than when shopping online.

Welcome to chat with us every day. You can find us at Jäämerentie 10 (next to the Pharmacy).
I am also happy to advise and trade on the phone, contact tel. 040 740 2940.

Company's email

[email protected]




Jäämerentie 10, 99600 Sodankylä

Company's phone

040 740 2940