mama’Spa  is a one-woman company in the small village of Puolakkavaara. Tiina makes soaps and other cosmetics by hand in her own small production facility at home. All products are 100% made in Sodankylä.

mama’Spa’s products use raw materials such as birch leaves, spruce, peat, wild star flowers, lingonberry, blueberry, and honey from our own bees. The products are suitable to anyone with sensitive skin or other skin problems, as they do not dry out the skin and do not use additives, sulphates, mineral oils or hardeners.

All mama’Spa products have passed an EU product safety assessment and are registered in the EU database.

Our Liki-Tuote local products, Ametisti, Sova ja Kultasuoni soaps  are on sale in the Likiliike online store.

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Puolakkavaarantie 282, Sodankylä

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