From love to linen

Do you want to dress in a timeless style with stunning colour? Do you value ecological, sustainable natural materials? Are clothes designed and manufactured in Finland important to you?

Pirita Design’s linen and alpaca knitwear is made in Sodankylä just for you.

The hallmarks of our knitwear are timelessness, stunning colors and vibrant knitted textures. They are made for people who don’t care about fast fashion, but want sustainable design and value in use.

In addition to closeness to nature, the cornerstones of Pirita Design are individuality and customer focus. We consider different body models and sizes. All our products are also available customised. The collections are for both women and men.

In connection with the production facility, Pirita Design has a shop in Sodankylä, at Kasarmintie 1, next to the Pharmacy and opposite S-Market.

The online store can be found at Come and find out more about our products and their manufacture.

Our Liki-Tuote local product, Minun Sodankylä -runner, is on sale in our own shop and Likiliike online store.

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Kasarmintie 1, 99600 Sodankylä

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040 543 5268